Managing Director Nick Sovechles of PROticket Pty Ltd sought a new, more convenient method to purchasing tickets to stadium and club based events. Having over 20 years in the ticketing industry he believed there had to be a better system available for the purchase of a ticket to an event. His goal was to reduce waiting times for the purchase of a ticket, increase availability and improve security.

Already possessing a significant relationship through a distribution company he was involved with, Printic Distributors Pty Ltd (an Australia-wide club, hotel and retail outlet in the ticketing / marketing and promotions company www.printic.com.au). An opportunity arose to combine the clubs with stadium and event based ticketing to ultimately form the new Proticket system.


Both the clubs and our local sporting teams play a big part in our local communities, and while they have been linked for many years, PROticket is simply another way in which these two community oriented organisations can contribute to one another.

It's quite simple; the clubs are placed in convenient locations so when purchasing a ticket to an event at your stadium or venue. Don't wait in line for hours to purchase your ticket, utilise the convenience of your major local club to purchase your ticket, then source, locate and purchase the exact seat in which you wish to sit.

However, as well as operating conveniently for stadium ticketing, the PROticket system also acts as an intelligently intra-linked platform for clubs to now sell tickets to events within their own clubs, and other nominated venues. So don't line up for a ticket on the night to your clubs show or event, purchase your ticket and your exact seat in advance to any of the scheduled events.

PROticket has also developed a kiosk facility that can be placed in shopping centres or at selected outlets allowing a touch screen solution for the prospective ticket holder. That is right - choosing your ticket cannot be any easier or convenient, just touch the screen and select your event, swipe your credit card, collect your tickets and you now have access to your chosen event without having to queue.


When considering whether or not to purchase a ticket, our intentions were to accomplish the following:

  • PROticket eliminates the uncertainty.
  • PROticket invents convenience.
  • PROticket discovers peace of mind.

Where to from here?

As a growing company, interest has spread Australia-wide, and we don't plan to stop there. Taking ticketing into the 21st century, PROticket plans to explore new grounds in ticketing technology. With our barcode fax scanning system and club intralinking network, PROticket is pushing the edges. With plans for the introduction of ideas such as sms mobile ticketing technology, PROticket will be on the forefront of future ticketing technology.

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