St Philip’s Christian College Port Stephens will be hosting a fundraising event, an exciting evening of dinner and entertainment, as well as a charity raffle and auction. There will be live music and an Auction during the evening. Imagine being a primary aged child and told you have a degenerative neuro-muscular disease which will lead to a loss of muscle co-ordination, balance and gait problems, fatigue, vision impairment, hearing loss, slurred speech and then a serious heart condition this is Friedreich Ataxia. FA is a rare condition one in every 30,000 are affected and one in 90 are carriers. The Friedreich Ataxia Research Association (fara) is a not for profit organisation that supports research into treatments and a cure for FA, in partnership with FA advocacy groups around the world. fara does not receive State or Commonwealth Government support but relies principally on the family and friends of FA patients and generous businesses with Australia and New Zealand to fund its research programs. All funds raised will be donated to fara who will be integral in establishing the first clinical gene therapy trials in Australia which we hope will lead to a CURE. fara also assists with clinics to check on the welfare and to support families of FA patients in the meantime. Please join us in a fun night and help raise funds to support fara!

Internet sales will automatically allocate seats. If you would like to choose your seating or have any special requirements please contact Wests Nelson Bay on 49848300.

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Fri 3 Aug 2018

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