Very few artists have experienced or earned the longevity of such a career as John Williamson. It’s a rare thing, but when you review his albums and songs you can see why. His music has continued to capture this country, its people and events for forty- four years. During this time he has toured continuously and in 2014, released his 50th album, ‘Honest People’.

John Williamson is, without question, an Australian icon. His voice and sound is as recognisable and important to Australia as the Southern Cross is to the flag. He’s performed at some of Australia’s most historic and nation-stopping events, and to battlers across this vast country. His songs and music are simply for everyone.

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Please note that doors open at 6:30pm for Dinner & Show and at 7:45pm for Show Only ticket holders.

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Belmont 16 Footers

Saturday, 21st October 2017

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